Porterville Paragliding and Hang Gliding

Pampoenfontein Take-Off

Porterville paragliding, Porterville hang-gliding and Porterville free-flying are all different ways of looking at the same side of the flying coin.  Visitors often only get to see one side.  Porterville paragliding is designed to bring you both sides of all the flying coins.

FlyPorterville is an independent portal for free flying services making Porterville paragliding and hang-gliding more accessible and enjoyable to pilots and non flyers alike.

The Kitchen Window

Porterville paragliding, hang-gliding, accommodation, dining as well as other activities and services for non flying days within but not restricted to the local area are included on a complimentary "please add us" basis to ensure transparency and accessibility to all.

Based in Porterville for Porterville.

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Did you know?

Porterville Paragliding - Winter snow on the Groot Winterhoek Mountains.

The Bergrivier features a diversity of dramatic seasonal terrains, from high altitude mountains and deep valleys to extensive flatland plains interspersed with wine estates, fruit farms and olive plantations.

Winter months bring an unexpected alpine look with snow often dusting the peaks of the Groot Winterhoek Mountains rising behind the front ridge.

Springtime flowers bring an array of colour to the countyside while the summer sun gradually transforms the green landscape to warm golds and then to browns.


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  Porterville Town:
Date : 2014/10/26
Time : 07:07:44
Temp : 22.8 °C
Dew : 12.2 °C
Pressure : 1015.2 mb
Wind Dir : 32° NNE
Vnow : 3 km/h
Vmax : 4 km/h
Vavg : 2 km/h
Wind Run : 40.9 Today
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  Take-Off (IWeather):
Date : 2014/10/26
Time : 07:05:52
Temp : 0 °C
Dew : 0 °C
Wind Dir : ESE
Vmin : 34 km/h
Vmax : 64 km/h
Vavg : 48 km/h
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  Wellington Town:
Date : 2014/10/26
Time : 07:08:22
Temp : 25.4 °C
Dew : 12.6 °C
Pressure : 1008.8 mb
Wind Dir : 181° S
Vnow : 10 km/h
Vmax : 10 km/h
Vavg : 6 km/h
Wind Run : 43.8 Today
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