This section lists accommodation in places not far from Porterville that our visitors may like to visit and stay at when continuing their holidays.

Paragliding Porterville - Artwork on a Redelinghuys house.A Redelinghuys house paints an illusion!

Paragliding Porterville - Just after take off from Dasklip Pass.Paragliding from Dasklip Pass with Piketberg Mountains ahead.

Did you know?

Porterville South Africa - Bushman rock painting.Image by Ceres Adventures

The earliest known humans inhabiting the Western Cape were ancestors of the indigenous San and Khoi peoples who lived throughout South Africa for tens of thousands of years before European colonisation.

Many examples of rock and cave art paintings illustrating the religious and social life of these people can be found in the Porterville region dating as far back as 4000BC.

Porterville South Africa - Bushman Rock Art.Image by Ceres Adventures


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