Buitepos Rules & Regulations

Faulty equipment can spoil your day.  Check your kit regularly.

  1. Don't be an arse.
  2. Fly often and fly far.
  3. Fly safe.
  4. Obey airspace.
  5. Obey all SAHPA rules.
  6. Obey site rules.
  7. SAHPA rated Sport pilots must have an airband radio call-sign.

Past experience has shown that some pilots are a little hard of hearing so we have (unfortunately) decided to introduce measures to assist the little darlings.  These range from 1 month to 12 month membership suspensions.  Please do not make us use them.  It is good for no one.  Play nicely!

Did you know?

Paragliding Porterville - Male Malachite Sunbird during breeding season.

Malachite Sunbirds are found in hilly fynbos including protea stands which makes Porterville an ideal habitat for them.

The species is monogamous and the adult male is a beautiful metallic green when breeding and also has an elaborate display flight. He is hardly present during this time, only occasionally bringing food to the female or chick.

The female has brown upper parts with some indistinct streaking on the breast

Sunbirds have long thin down-curved bills and brush-tipped tubular tongues for feeding mainly on nectar.

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