Official Agreement

The exact wording of the agreement:

SAHPA agrees to:

  1. Ensure that take-off site care takers or owners where no caretakers are appointed (CARE TAKERS), of all sites listed in Appendix B are aware of this agreement and that they accept the responsibility to communicate this agreement to all pilots who launch from their sites.
  2. Advise CARE TAKERS that
    1. All sectors in Appendix A are under the control of FALW and subject to this agreement.
    2. Launching from sites listed in Appendix B, are subject to this agreement.
    3. Airspace clearance applications are
      1. Not required during pre-defined weekend and weekday concessions, as defined in FALW (agrees to) section 1.
      2. Required when not covered by 2.3.1 and when any part of a flight is planned to within 10km of FALW airspace as defined in Appendix A.
      3. Restricted and should only occur via the points of contact listed in Appendix C.
      4. To be made no later than two hours before launching but ideally the day before. 
      5. To include:
        1. Planned flight date
        2. Planned launch site
        3. Planned route code or sectors if route not listed
        4. Expected maximum altitude during the flight
      6. Deemed successful if no reply is received from FALW.
    4. FALW has to right to close airspace at its own discretion.
  3. Strongly encourage its qualified members to use airband radios when flying in areas affected by this agreement.
FALW agrees to:
  1. Allow access to all airspace to a Level of 
    1. i. 1500m Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) during the week for October to February for sectors 8 and 9.
    2. ii. As indicated in Appendix B over weekends and public holidays
  2. Advise pilots via any of the points of contact in Appendix C of any restrictions affecting 
    1. i. Section 1 before 09h00 on the day.
    2. ii. SAHPA (Agrees  to) Section 2.3 as soon as possible.
  3. Accept that non-motorised gliders have limited control over the execution of route plans and that such routes can be abandoned within minutes of taking off.
Did you know?

Porterville Paragliding - Long Tailed Fiscal.

The Long-Tailed Fiscal is a member of the Shrike family and is a noisy, eye-catching bird with a very long graduated tail and strong bill.

It can often be seen be seen perched in Porterville's open countryside, telegraph poles and wires waving its long tail from side to side excitedly.

From these vantage points it watches for and then dives onto its prey of insects, lizards, snakes and bird chicks.

Fiscals hunt perched about two metres off the ground where they watch for and then dive onto their prey which is usually taken from the ground or from foliage, but rarely from the air.


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