Paragliding Porterville - Airspace

The entire paragliding Porterville area is bound by airspace:

  • Entire Area: Cape Town UTA B - Class C - FL195/FL145.
  • South of Saron: Cape Town TMA E - Class C - FL145/FL085.
  • West of R365/R44: Langebaan Military - FAR45A - FL195/FL1500AGL.


  • South Western Cape Aeronautical Chart as Published by the Chief Directorate, South Western Cape Second Edition 2000, Aeronautical Edition September 2009.

In broad terms this means:

  • FL140 ceiling applies everywhere.
  • Langebaanweg clearance is required to fly most sites in the area.
  • Stay below FL085 when flying south of Saron.
  • This is "friendly" interpreration is a rough guideline only.
  • The Chief Directorate via South African CIVL Aviation Authority is the only source.
  • If you are unsure then get an airspace map or ask.
Unofficial (but usefull) downloads:
Langebaan Airspace (FAR45/46) snippet with persmission from SAHPA
Did you know?

Paragliding Porterville - The Disa Uniflora Orchid found in the Porterville mountains.

Porterville is home to a very rare flower, the Disa Uniflora Orchid.

The sulphur-yellow Disa can only be found in one small colony and is extremely scarce because its colour does not attract the Mountain Pride Butterfly responsible for its pollination.

The Red Disa Orchid or “Flower of the Gods” is the official emblem of the Western Province Rugby Union Team and is displayed on the players’ jerseys.

Paragliding Porterville - The Red Disa Orchid, the official emblem of the Western Cape Province Rugby Union team.
Image with permission from Western Province Rugby
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