Paragliding Porterville - Airspace

The entire paragliding Porterville area is bound by airspace:

  • Entire Area: Cape Town UTA B - Class C - FL195/FL145.
  • South of Saron: Cape Town TMA E - Class C - FL145/FL085.
  • West of R365/R44: Langebaan Military - FAR45A - FL195/FL1500AGL.


  • South Western Cape Aeronautical Chart as Published by the Chief Directorate, South Western Cape Second Edition 2000, Aeronautical Edition September 2009.

In broad terms this means:

  • FL140 ceiling applies everywhere.
  • Langebaanweg clearance is required to fly most sites in the area.
  • Stay below FL085 when flying south of Saron.
  • This is "friendly" interpreration is a rough guideline only.
  • The Chief Directorate via South African CIVL Aviation Authority is the only source.
  • If you are unsure then get an airspace map or ask.
Unofficial (but usefull) downloads:
Langebaan Airspace (FAR45/46) snippet with persmission from SAHPA
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