Porterville Paragliding Sites - Brandvlei Dam

Paragliding Porterville - SIV at Brandvlei Dam
SIV at Brandvlei. 

SITE NAME: Brandvlei Dam
DESCRIPTION: Brandvlei Dam is a boat-winch site mainly used for SIV courses.

 - PG BASIC with winch conversion
GPS: S33°41'20.44" E19°24'35.92"
- Clearance: Worcester Airport, Flying Club & Cape Gliding Club
- Ceiling:
  - Cape Town TMA E Class C, FL085.
- Nearby:
  - 10km E; FAD157, SFC-FL70.
LAUNCH: Grass strip by die Yacht Club with various other take offs around the dam depending on wind direction.
LANDING: Take Off.
- Worcester Airport and Sailplane Winch Park immediately adjacent to the dam.
- Do not fly without prior arrangement.
- Do not fly without airband radio.
- SE in summer, NW in winter usually blows out in the afternoon with no/little warning.
- Drive from Cape Town on the N1 towards Worcester.
- Take the 1st off ramp at Worcester.
- Turn right towards town.
- Drive for 3km until you get to a T-junction.
- Turn right into Durban Road.
- Drive for 4,5 km to another T-junction, Nekkies resort will be on your left and the entrance to the Yacht Club in front of you.
- Enter the Yacht Club and pay at the booth.
CARETAKER: Kaapse Buitepos Klub
- Members and guests only.
- Sign in at the Yacht Club.
SITE FEES: See site rules.



Porterville Paragliding - Winching for SIV at Brandlvlei
Winching for SIV

Did you know?

Porterville Paragliding - Blue Lotus Water Lily.

The lovely Blue Lotus Water Lily is South Africas’ most common indigenous water lily and is found in ponds, rivers and dams in and around rural Porterville.

The water lily does not have true stems, the leaves grow on long petioles (leaf stalks) and one plant can spread over an area of about 1 metre.

White, mauve and pink are other colour forms that occasionally occur. The flowers are fragrant and visited constantly by bees for pollination. A fully open flower measures 15-20 cm across and lasts for about four days. Once flower buds rise to the water surface they open in the morning and close in the evening.

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