Paragliding Opens - 2013/14 Season

Porterville Paragliding - Flying towards Porterville
Competition flying towards Porterville.

The Porterville Paragliding Opens are CIVL ratified Category 2 paragliding events usually held in December or February in Porterville.

Over the years these events have had different names such as the Winelands Open, the All Africa Open, the South African Open and of course the South African Nationals.

Competitions are open to all pilots who hold the correct FAI license.  Pilots usually compete over a period of 7 days.  Weather permitting, a different task is set every day and tasks are scored with the aid of a GPS.  A task typically consists of a number of virtual turnpoints or waypoints that a pilot has to fly over in a predetermined order until the final waypoint or goal is reached.  Tasks typically range in distance from 50 to 80 km.  The race winner is the pilot who completes the task in the shortest time.  Pilots who land short of goal only score distance points.  Points earned during the event count towards a pilot's world ranking.

As opposed to the 2012/13 season where we had three CAT II events, it looks like there will only be one event this season.

Western Cape Open 2014:

  • Date: 16-22 February 2014
  • Location: Porterville / Wellington, South Africa
  • Organiser: Buitepos Klub
  • Registration: Not open yet

Previous Competitions:

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