Elands Bay

Elands Bay is about an hours' drive from Porterville for a sea-side trip on non paragliding or hang-gliding days ... although it is possible to paraglide here.  The bay is popular with surfing enthusiasts.  Fresh fish and seafood can be enjoyed while watching the surfers at play.

Benguela & Surf Shack Self Catering +27 (0)73 383 8924
Elands Bay Hotel +27 (0)22 972 1640
Elands Bay Backpackers & Camping +27 (0)22 972 1640

Porterville Paragliding - Elands Bay.Elands Bay on the West Coast.

Porterville Paragliding - Elands Bay
It is possible to paraglide in Elands Bay.

Did you know?

Porterville Paragliding - The Common Blue Butterfly.

The Common Blue are small butterflies attracted to wet mud with other blues. They also like visiting the blue flowers of the Plumbago plant which is one of its larval foods.

Male wing upper sides are an iridescent lilac blue with a thin black border. Females are brown with a row of red spots along the wing edges with some blue at the base of the wings.

The chrysalis is formed on the ground where it is attended to by ants which will often take it into their nests. The larvae create a substance called honey dew which the ants eat while the butterfly lives with them in the ant hill.

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