Porterville Paragliding Sites - Piketberg

Porterville Paragliding - PiketbergLanding at Piketberg.

SITE NAME: Piketberg
DESCRIPTION: The only site that faces East in the region.  It is being used more and more often fro corss coutry flying when the wind is over the back at the other sites.

- HG B
WIND: SE to E.
GPS: +- S32º50’ E18º45’.
- Langebaanweg clearance required.
- Ceiling: FAR45; FL195/FL1500AGL.
- Nearby:
  - 15km E - FALW ATC.
  - 30km S, FACT TMA E, FL145/FL085.
LAUNCH: Above the last cutaway parking on the Bo-Berg road.
LANDING: The Fields below Take-off.  Please do not land any fields with crop in them.
CAUTIONS: An Easterly wind can be a "berg wind" with associated gusts, turbulence and dust-devils.
- Take the R366 north our of Porterville
- Turn left and take the Bo-Berg road
- Park after the last bend at the small gravel lay-by.
- 2 min scramble to the a clearing.
RECORD: Greg Hamerton, 122km, December 2012.
FLIGHTS: Leonardo Filter


The information above was adapted from the "Fresh Air Site Guide" with permission from the author, Greg Hamerton. The Fresh Air Site Guide can be bought in Porterville.

Porterville Paragliding - Flying from Piketberg.Paragliding from Piketberg.

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