Porterville Paragliding Sites - Bains' Kloof

Porterville Paragliding - Bains' Kloof
Bains' Kloof. 

DESCRIPTION: Thermic flying over the pass and out into a steep-sided valley.  WIND: Light W - SW.
GPS: S33º37.369’ E19º05.799’.
LAUNCH: Just below the view-site car park on the last bend at the top of the pass or inside the Boland Hiking Reserve, above the pass.
ALTITUDES: 300m high (600m ASL), ceiling at 2300m (ASL).
RECORDS: 124km N to Rhenosterhoek (Ant Allen, November 2010).

Extract above with permission from Greg Hamerton.  For more information, refer to his Fresh Air Site Guide which can be bought in Porterville.

Porterville Paragliding - Bains' Kloof
Flying at Bains' Kloof

Did you know?

Paragliding Porterville - A landing Red Locust on the Porterville ridge.

The immature adult Red Locust is a brown colour which gets deeper and redder with age.

Swarms only fly during the day at temperatures above 26ºC but solitary locusts prefer to fly alone in the dark.

Swarms of Red Locusts rarely travel more than 20-30 kilometres in one day. Swarming females often lay eggs at night, their youngsters immediately capable of "hopping" hundreds of metres every day.

The last widespread plague occurred in Southern Africa from 1930-1944 when almost all of South Africa was invaded.

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