Porterville Paragliding Sites - Du Toit's Kloof

Porterville Paragliding - Du Toit's Kloof
Du Toit's Kloof

DESCRIPTION: Gnarled cliffs provide a spectacular backdrop to this highly technical, thermic mountain paragliding site.
WIND: Light W.
GPS: Carpark S33º41’.836 E19º04.101’ Tower S33º40’.612 E19º05.261’.
LAUNCH: The 3rd carpark from the top of the pass.  In SW use the carpark overlooking the tunnel entrance. Or if you can organize the key, you can launch in a constricted gully high in the peaks with another peak upwind of you, in front of the southern-most radio mast.
ALTITUDE: Carpark 800m ASL, Tower 1000m high (1294m ASL), military use (300m AGL to ground), civilian ceiling at 1300m ASL (i.e. don’t go up, head N for Bain’s Kloof Pass where ceiling is 2300m. You’ll be out of D159 "danger area" 1km N of radio masts).
CARETAKER: Overberg Club.
PERMISSION: For the upper launch site, prior arrangement with Conservation Department required. Military helicopter training area D159 (call Ysterplaat Airforce Base 021 508 6911 to see if active).
RECORD: Ant Allen (November 2010) 133km to Rhenosterhoek.

Extract above with permission from Greg Hamerton.  For more information, refer to his Fresh Air Site Guide which can be bought in Porterville.

Porterville Pargliding - Getting Up at Du Toit's KloofGetting Up from Du Toit's Kloof

Did you know?

Paragliding Porterville - Male Malachite Sunbird during breeding season.

Malachite Sunbirds are found in hilly fynbos including protea stands which makes Porterville an ideal habitat for them.

The species is monogamous and the adult male is a beautiful metallic green when breeding and also has an elaborate display flight. He is hardly present during this time, only occasionally bringing food to the female or chick.

The female has brown upper parts with some indistinct streaking on the breast

Sunbirds have long thin down-curved bills and brush-tipped tubular tongues for feeding mainly on nectar.

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