Riebeek Wes

Eating out in Riebeek Wes.

Angie’s Coffee shop +27 (0)83 446 3273
De Oude Schuur +27 (0)22 461 2122
Kasteelberg Bistro +27 (0)22 448 1110
Pleasant Pheasant +27 (0)22 461 2170
Riebeek Valley Hotel +27 (0)22 461 2676

Paragliding Porterville - Riebeek Wes Restaurants
Kasteelberg Bistro in Riebeek Wes by Riebeek Valley Tourism.

Did you know?

Porterville Attractions - African Caper White Butterfly.

In South Africa the Pioneer Butterfly is also known as the African Caper White or Brown-Veined White.

It is well known during summer and autumn when large numbers migrate north-east over the interior. Such erratic migrations are probably more properly called ”eruptions”. When the population reaches a particularly high level and there's not enough food, the butterflies head off en masse to find new foraging grounds.

When they arrive in such large numbers the larvae remove all the leaves from thickets of Maerua and substantially change the vegetation dynamics of the areas they settle in.

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