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Images with permission from Dr Jack, RASP , Ian Forbes and Cape Gliding Club


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Porterville Paragliding - Long Tailed Fiscal.

The Long-Tailed Fiscal is a member of the Shrike family and is a noisy, eye-catching bird with a very long graduated tail and strong bill.

It can often be seen be seen perched in Porterville's open countryside, telegraph poles and wires waving its long tail from side to side excitedly.

From these vantage points it watches for and then dives onto its prey of insects, lizards, snakes and bird chicks.

Fiscals hunt perched about two metres off the ground where they watch for and then dive onto their prey which is usually taken from the ground or from foliage, but rarely from the air.





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  Take-Off (IWeather):
Date : 2017/11/25
Time : 05:44:37
Temp : 15 °C
Dew : 0 °C
Wind Dir : NE
Vmin : 33 km/h
Vmax : 70 km/h
Vavg : 51 km/h
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